Become a GGO Getter

What is a GGO Getter?

There are lots of people living in West Winsford who are already doing lots of things to make their community a better place to be. Without them, many people would be lonelier, less likely to report community issues, or less likely to have access to support or activities. People who care about where they live and the people they live with, are a great asset to every community.

Where would some of us be without people who help others, talk to people about local issues and concerns and try to change things for the better; or  look after older people or vulnerable people living amongst us, the list is endless!

Each area in West Winsford is different and has different issues or concerns, which is why becoming a GGO Getter can be a great way to get involved, and at the same time sort out the things that concern you in your area or street the most!

Why become a GGO Getter?

GGO Getters can get involved in any way they choose, and will receive support from the GGOteam to carry out the things that matter the most in your community.

You can help by:

  • Reporting graffiti, abandoned cars, fly tipping, litter, pot holes etc
  •  Keeping an eye on older or vulnerable people
  • Give us regular updates about what is going on in your area
  • Tell us about concerns or interests of other residents in your area
  • Act as a voice for other people in your area who want to have their say but don’t have the confidence to do so
  • Supervising children’s play areas
  • Monitoring council or landscaping contractors
  • Planning Fun days and activities
  • Assist us to consult other people in your area about where they live
  • Act as key holders for community buildings
  • Help us to raise awareness  of GGO or distribute information
  • Run a Tuck Shop
  • Get involved in a community garden
  • Become part of a Stay & Play group
  • Join the GGO Board
  • Get involved in young people’s activities

What will a GGO Getter do?

A GGO Getter will not be expected to all of these things; these are just a few examples of what you might like to get involved with. If you want to do something that isn’t on this list, talk to us.

If you are interested in becoming a GGO Getter, we will invite you for a chat and information session. Together we will discuss and agree how we can support you.

Who can be a GGO Getter?

Any person, resident, leaseholder or owner occupier living in the West Winsford community can become a GGO Getter.

How much time will a GGO Getter need to commit? GGO Getters don’t have to give up a set amount of time, you may already be doing it anyway! All you need to do is join us so we can help each other.

  • Fact

when people work together they become stronger and have more of a voice

  • Fact

when people work in partnership they can access more funding opportunities and bring more resources into their community

  • Fact

when people work together, they learn to network and this can open doors and create opportunities both personally and as a community

  • Fact

volunteering helps to get people back into work, by building confidence, learning new skills and gaining experience

  • Fact

volunteering is a way of making friends and feeling useful, by using your strengths and skills to help others


What support will I get as a GGO Getter?

  • We will meet with you regularly to agree what type of support we can give you:

This will depend on:

What you want to do

How you want to be involved

The type of commitment you are prepared to give

  • We will give you contact details so you can reach the GGO team directly
  • We will invite you to GGO events and activities so you can get to know everyone
  • We will introduce you to like minded people

We will also:

  • Offer relevant training
  • Help to develop your confidence
  • Organise volunteering opportunities


What skills will I need to be a GGO Getter?

  • A passion to make a positive difference
  • A little time to give up for GGO
  • Experience of being a person living in West Winsford – you understand the issues and problems where you live
  • You are interested in the people and place where you live

How do I become a GGO Getter?

Its really simple

Contact the GGO Team

Debbie Skilling : 07974706752